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Just before getting your website re-designed, having a professional photoshoot done is a must. Sure, designers can find great stock photography, but it is always better when you can tell your own personal story through the photos.

Essential Shots

These are the types of shots I would recommend to have before starting a website design:

  • Office Shots (Employees Working)
  • Individual Team Photos
  • Interior & Exterior Building Shots
  • Product Photos
  • Abstract / Artistic Shots
  • Video

Before You Go Stock

Before using any stock photography, always consider a professional photoshoot first

Stock Photo Don’ts

There are a lot of stock photos out there. Here are just a few of the overused ones that should be avoided.

  • Group Smiles
  • Handshakes
  • Headsets
  • Globe
  • Word Clusters
  • Signs

Free Stock Photos

Once again, it is always best to get a professional to take photos to tell your own personal story. When that isn’t possible or you need some placeholders, these sites have some of the best free stock photos:

Specific (Hard to Find) Stock Photos

Creative commons can sometimes be a good way to find something really specific, but you need to make sure it is “ok for commercial use” and often times the quality of photography is not professional. This was a good resource for me when I was looking for photos of specific locations in Indiana and for high school football action shots for example.

Paid Stock Websites

With paid stock websites, you can find some really great photos. You just need to learn to spot the ones that are cheesy and overused:

In Conclusion

Always get a professional to shoot photos specifically for your company to build trust in your brand. When using stock photos, use ones that look modern and not overused (even for blog posts).