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Are the machines coming for designers’ jobs?

Using just a couple of websites, anyone can get artificial intelligence to create a logo and icon set for them. Kinda… Designers still had to create these icons and brands in the first place. The A.I. is really just finding something similar to what you input and mapping that to a large library of assets.

A.I. Logos

Brandmark is a website that gives you brand options by inputing your company name and selecting some keywords.

A.I. Icons

AutoDraw is a website that uses machine learning to transform your drawings into icons.

Should I use these? Should you use these?

In short… no. Getting a designer to create your custom brand and graphics is always recommended. Have fun with them though – they might produce useful placeholders, mock brands, or end up being handy in prop making.

Custom Icon Sets

Here are some custom icons sets from the dribbble portfolio. View all on dribbble.